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US President Donald Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2021

A shocking news has come to the world affected by the global pandemic coronavirus. In which US President Donald Trump has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. Trump has been nominated by right-wing Norwegian politician Christian Tybring-Gjede for a historic peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Tybring-Gjede said that he is undoubtedly deserving of the award as he has done his best to make peace among other nations. Norway MP Tybring has also praised Trump for resolving a number of contentious issues in the world, taking Trump’s name forward for the award.

Tybring, a four-time MP and head of Norway’s delegation to the NATO parliamentary assembly, said the Trump administration played a key role in the beginning of the relationship between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. He further said, “He should be given this honor for his ability. I think he has done more work to establish peace among many countries than any other nominated member of this award.” The Norwegian MP wrote in his letter that it seemed that many other Middle Eastern countries would follow the UAE’s move. As such, this agreement could become a game changer that would transform the Middle East into a field of cooperation and prosperity. He has also praised Trump’s decision to call back US troops from the Middle East. Earlier, US President Donald Trump has complained that he did not receive the Nobel Peace Prize because of the unjust attitude of the Nobel Prize winners. . He also questioned the Nobel Prize awarded to former US President Barack Obama.

Former US President Barack Obama with Nobel Peace Prize

Obama received the Peace Prize only 8 months after winning the presidential election in 2009. On this subject, Donald Trump said, “Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for strengthening international cooperation.” Whereas then he became President just a few days ago. Obama himself did not know why he had received the Peace Prize. That’s the only thing I agree with Obama. “


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